What is Pacecar?

What We Do (and Why!)

Pacecar exists to help you spend less on your car. Most of what you spend on your vehicle falls into three auto expense categories: Insurance, Financing, and Repair & Maintenance. Pacecar continuously searches in all three of these categories to find you better deals. Our mission is to reduce your “total cost of ownership.”

People think about the costs of owning their car in different categories; loan payments, insurance and occasional repairs. Pacecar steers away from this “siloed” approach and helps customers understand their total vehicle costs.

According to Experian, Americans hold over $1.2 trillion of auto debt, which translates to an average of nearly $6,000 in car payments per person per year.  Business Insider reports that we spend $182 billion on car insurance annually, and AAA says we spend over $90 billion per year on maintenance and repair. Pacecar is the first company to help customers reduce their expenses in all three areas. 

How We Do It

Pacecar’s technology-driven price comparison engine and information platform searches continuously for better deals in insurance, financing, and repair & maintenance for all of our customers. We gather a little bit of information about you, your car, and your loan and with your continued consent, find you better deals- if they exist. Our research is neverending. All you have to do is accept or decline the offers we send to you; the process is easy and painless. (And free for you!)

Founder and CEO of Pacecar, Casey Harmon, says, “Refinancing your car to lower your payment, switching to a better insurance carrier, or finding the most convenient, cost-effective repair facilities shouldn’t be an exercise that leaves you feeling taken advantage of. With Pacecar, the best information is finally on the side of the driver.”

You are most likely overpaying for your car loan, your car insurance, and your repairs. Pacecar will take you through an easy process that will help you save money.  First, we’ll tackle the financing costs of your car, hopefully by helping you refinance into a better loan. We can help you save $100 or more per month in this category alone. Next, Pacecar will help you address insurance costs. You’ll be able to compare your current insurance plan with other policies on the market. Next, we can help you find ways to repair and maintain your vehicle. Finally, we will help you sell or trade in your car. 

The best part of it all: Pacecar is free. You’ll never have to spend a single cent on our persistent search for better deals; we are on your side, helping you love your car for less. 

By Casey Harmon

Casey Harmon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pacecar Inc. Before founding Pacecar, Casey held various executive positions at Westlake Financial and Toyota Financial Services. He has an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA from Stanford. Casey believes all American car drivers should have access to the best loan terms available. Casey lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and two children.



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