Why Use Pacecar?

Pacecar can help you save money on your car. Pacecar continuously searches for lenders, insurance companies, and auto repair shops that are offering the best deals in areas where your car expenses might be draining your wallet. It is our mission to help you reduce the cost of your car by finding you better deals in financing, insurance, and repair/maintenance. 

So why use us?  Here are several good reasons:

1. You’ve had a change in income.

If your income has tightened recently, refinancing your car is a great way to create some wiggle room in your budget. Pacecar can help you save an average of $100 a month in this category alone. 

2. Your credit score has improved.

Your credit score has likely improved significantly since you originally financed your vehicle. Since your score heavily impacts the APR, loan term and dollar amount a lender will give you, higher credit scores could mean savings of $100 or more on your monthly loan payment. If this is the case for you, Pacecar can help you refinance your car.

3. You want to save on finance charges.

There are two ways you can save finance charges with a refinance.  First, you can find a new loan with a lower APR, which reduces the interest you pay.  Second you can find a new loan with a shorter term, which can reduce your overall interest (finance charges) even more. The choice you make comes down to your preference, and what you are able to handle:  If you can handle a larger monthly payment, refinancing into a shorter term loan makes great financial sense.   If you need a lower payment, finding a  better APR than your current rate is a great move.

4. You want a lower monthly payment.

Everyone could use some help making their money go farther each month.  The extra $75, $100 or more you could save with Pacecar could pay for a night out with friends, a massage, or help cover other bills. Refinancing your car loan could help your “fun budget” grow. We can help you say yes to the manicure and the dinner plans!

5. Your personal finance situation has improved.

Have you gotten a recent promotion? Have you recently become employed?  If your finances are looking better than they were when you originally financed your car, you can change your loan and save money with Pacecar. 

6. You want to find the best and cheapest insurance plan for you.

Did you pick the first auto insurance plan you stumbled upon? If so, there might be something better out there. Instead of scouring the internet for information on auto insurance and  entering all your personal information over and over again on every website, let us do the heavy lifting. We will search the internet top to bottom for the best plan for you. Give us a little bit of information about you and your car, and Pacecar will notify you when we find an insurance plan that could save you money. 

6. You want to save money on Repair and Maintenance.

Maintaining your car can be expensive, but neglecting maintenance on your vehicle can be catastrophic.  Pacecar can help you find the best repair shops at the most reasonable prices so that you keep up with your car’s recommended maintenance schedule without breaking the bank.

7. You want an advocate in the automotive finance industry that is looking out for you and has your best interests at heart. 

Pacecar is your long term financial advocate; we will never stop searching for the best deal for you. We know how valuable of an asset your car is, and we know just how to save you money.

By Casey Harmon

Casey Harmon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pacecar Inc. Before founding Pacecar, Casey held various executive positions at Westlake Financial and Toyota Financial Services. He has an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA from Stanford. Casey believes all American car drivers should have access to the best loan terms available. Casey lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and two children.



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